endless space 2 Review

Endless Space 2

4 X

Reborngamers Ratings: 7.8/10


Pc gamer: 7.7

Game Spot: 8.0

IGN: 7.9

Endless Space 2 Review

Endless Space 2 is a science fiction, turn-based strategy 4X game developed by Amplitude Studios. Where you build and maintain your empire,  conquer or engage in diplomacy with other factions.

Reborngamers Review :

A strategy game with awesome visuals, we just have to praise the developers for giving us such a visually stunning game. The game has good storylines and enables the player to have the thrill of space exploration when the exploration is done and when you colonize a planet, it visually takes the player to the destination.

The game lacks a lot in combat, as you can just give minor commands to your units and just watch as the battle rages on, its a 4x game we can understand that, but nowadays players don’t love games where you issue basic commands and see it be automated. The ship designing is amazing.  Its empire management is good and it has an excellent civilization advancement.

Endless space 2  lacks highly on diplomacy with other factions, it gives you this faction political system, where parties like religious, pacifists compete to rule your faction which gives you some advancements, you will strive for your favorite party to win the elections. The trading system is divided into two, where can set up trade companies or sell and buy goods directly.

Verdict :

Overall a 4 x game worth your time.


Stunning visuals

Great storyline

Good Space exploration

Awesome Tech tree

Amazing faction political system


Low on combat measures

Lacks Diplomacy ideas

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Release Info :

Initial release date: 18 May 2017
Engine: Unity
Developer: Amplitude Studios
Publisher: Sega
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems, IBM PC compatible
Genres: Turn-based strategy, 4X

System requirements :

Minimum Requirements :

CPU: i3 4th generation / i5 2nd generation / A6 series
OS: Windows (64bits only) 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
VIDEO CARD: AMD Radeon 5800 series / NVidia 550Ti
SOUND CARD: DX11 compatible

Maximum Requirements :

CPU: i3 5th generation (or newer) / i5 3rd generation (or newer) / FX4170 (or newer)
OS: Windows (64bits only) 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
VIDEO CARD: AMD Radeon 8000 series or newer / NVidia GTX 660 or newer
SOUND CARD: DX11 compatible

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