Top 10 Mid Lane Heroes Dota 2

Top 10 Mid Lane Heroes in Dota 2

Last Update on 2nd July 2019

Upcoming Heroes:

Ember, Templar Assassin

The 2nd Position in the game is the Midlaner. Midlanders are supposed to be semi-carry. They need a lot of experience early game to snowball the enemy. The Midlanders job is to farm XP and gold effectively early game and deny the same for the enemy. so they can dominate the mid and late game. The Midlanders always go 1 on 1 with the enemy mid. They have the important role in dota2. Midlaners can easily move to other lanes to gank enemies. They should always be vigilant as the roaming supports of the enemy will gank them regularly.This list is our opinion only, You may have other opinions please share it with us in the comments section.

10. Puck

Top 10 Mid Lane Heroes Dota 2

Puck has been a strong Midlaner in the past. But has fallen back in this meta. It is not easy to gank puck in mid. He is the best escape hero in dota2. His ultimate forces the enemies to stay in one location, it is the best way to start a team fight. His second skill waning Rift does good damage and silences enemies around puck. Phase shift enables puck to be immune from damage which gives him a chance to escape from most attacks.

Favourite Items :

Blink Dagger, Dagon

Counter Puck:

Lockdown Heroes like Legion commander and Faceless void are best counters for puck. Heroes like Silencer and disruptor can silence puck, so he cant use his ability to escape. Lycan and Night stalker can easily rundown puck and kill him easily because of puck's low armour. Items like BKB are very useful against puck's abilites which are all magical.

9. Queen of Pain 

Top 10 Mid Lane Heroes Dota 2

Queen of pain is an effective midlaner. She is very good at harassing the enemy mid with her 1 st skill Shadow Strike. Her second skill allows her to blink to a location. Ganking her in mid lane is nearly impossible. Her 3rd skill does decent damage. Her ultimate is a good nuke which deals good AoE damage against enemies. Her abilities are fine-tuned to consistently engage the enemy and harass them. She can quickly move to lanes from mid to make a successful gank and return to mid quickly. Her early game to late game Qop is good in pretty much all scenarios.

Favourite Items :

Orchid Of Malevolence, Shiva's Guard

Counter QOP :

Heroes like Bloodseeker, Disruptor and Death prophet can silence her from escaping. Heroes like Dragon Knight and alchemist can easily lane against her early game. Meepo and Night stalker are very good against qop and can kill her quickly.Items Like Rod of Atos and Abyssal blade are a great way to counter Qop.

8. Invoker

Great pick in pubs all over the world. Players always choose invoker as their mid favourite hero. We can see many players spamming invoker without a just cause, he is that Popular. This hero is not easy to use. Invoker can be played only if the player is familiar or have mastered the hero. His skills are quite complex to use. When used properly he is an unstoppable force. He will just spam his skills and kill you easily. Early game invoker needs a good farm to be effective in mid or late game. He needs items like Aghanims Scepter to become powerful in a game. If he gets enough farm early game there is not much the enemy team can do against him. He is the best nuker that the game has to offer. Most importantly its really fun to play invoker.

Favourite Items :

Aghanims Scepter, Euls of divinity, Boots of travel

Counter Invoker

Heroes like Juggernaut and Lifestealer can use their magic immune abilities to easily escape invoker's nukes. Silencer, Doom and Night stalker are effective against invoker as he cant cast his spells. Lockdown heroes like faceless void are also useful in countering invoker. Silence him and quickly kill him before he can cast his spells on your team. Get items like orchid to silence him. Items like euls scepter of divinity can be purchased to escape his nukes. Don't let him dictate terms in a team fight or he will destroy your team completely with his skills and low cooldown abilities.

7. Outworld Devourer

Top 10 Mid Lane Heroes Dota 2

OD has fallen from favor, But still, he is a strong midlaner. His abilities allow him to do a huge amount of damage to the enemies. His First skill Arcane orb steals the enemies intelligence with good damage. His second skill allows him to place an ally or enemy in astral prison making them disabled and invulnerable.His ultimate is a good nuke in team fights and it destroys his enemies. Od has been considered the most painful hero to play against for a long time now. He still is an Op hero.

Favourite Items :

Hurricane Pike, Scythe Of Vyse

Counter Od:

Heroes like Legion commander with a blademail can lockdown Od for a long time and can kill Od quickly. Ranged Heroes like Sniper and Templar assassin are the best counters for OD. Heroes who have silence ability are also a great way to counter OD in team fights as he cant do much without his abilities. Get a BKB and stun him or silence him to kill him quickly. Be sure you kill him within the BKB duration or else he will kill your team effortlessly.

6. Storm Spirit

Strom spirit has been a signature hero for many Pro Players in dota2. He is considered to be a very good midlaner. Static Remnant is a very good farming tool for storm spirit. SS can easily push out lanes and go farm in the jungle as well. His second skill allows him to pull any enemy unit towards him. His ultimate makes him the best ganker in the game. His ultimate is a very strong ability for SS as it allows him to move quickly and also do good damage to enemy heroes. The addition of the item Kaya has been a great upgrade for SS as it has enhanced his abilities to be used to the maximum.

Favourite Items :

Kaya, Bloodstone, Orchid Of Malevolence

Counter SS:

Heroes like Doom and night stalker can silence ss for a long time making him unable to quickly move through the battlefield. Hereos like Riki, Silencer or Skywrath mage are very good counters to ss. Anti-mage can quickly mana burn ss and also catch ss with his blink ability. Items like Orchid and scythe of Vyse are very good counter items against SS. Just don't allow him to escape silence or stun him and kill him quickly before he reaches your supports in the backline.

5. Zeus


Truly a god in doing magic damage to his enemies. Zeus is one of the best nukers in the game. His abilities make him really powerful when dealing magic damage. His first skill Arc Lightning can be used to farm effectively in mid lane. He can stay far and quickly farm with his abilities, the only issue is his mana pool. Get a bottle or clarities early game to farm quickly. His 2nd skill is a high damage spell which can be used on enemy units. It does huge damage to heroes early game and it's deadly. His ultimate does decent damage to all enemy heroes on the map. No hero can escape Zeus with low HP. It is also a great way for knowing the enemies current location on the map. He has been a great pick these days and they have enhanced his abilities.

Favourite Items :

Arcane Boots, Kaya, Aghanims scepter

Counter Zeus:

Heroes like huskar who have good magic damage resistance is a great pick against Zeus. Juggernaut and Lifestealer can use heir abilities to be immune from Zeus magic damage. Any hero with a silence ability is a great pick against Zeus.Items like BKB could be greatly useful as Zeus cant do any damage. Don't let him spam his skills. Target him first and kill him quickly before he does huge damage to your team. Killing Zeus should be your primary objective in team fights. Heroes like Clockwerk or spirit breaker can easily reach Zeus and kill him quickly.

4. Viper


Viper is a real poison nowadays. It's just not easy to kill viper by ganking him. He will just use his skills and counter your gank. First skill of viper will reduce the movement speed of the enemy. He will just keep spamming the first skill until the target is dead. Viper got an upgrade to his 2nd skill which makes the passive of the enemy useless. His 3rd skill does minimum damage whenever viper has been attacked. So it's not easy to harass viper mid lane. His ultimate greatly reduces the enemies attack and movement making an escape from viper impossible. He is great in team fights and will dominate the fight easily. Melee heroes cant do much against viper as he can constantly spam his skills.He is very good in all stages of the game.

Favourite Items :

Hurricane Pike, Black King Bar, Rod Of Atos

Counter Viper:

Heroes like Luna and Invoker are good counters to Viper. Illusion heroes like PL and Ck are great counters as viper will have a hard time finding his target. Heroes like Lycan and Dark seer can ignore the slow and reach Viper quickly. BKB is a great item against Viper. Support hero like Omni can repel most of Viper's magical damage and Omni's ultimate can make viper completely useless as his damage is physical. Pick heroes who can do huge physical damage or pure burst damage to viper.

3. Death Prophet


Dp has again become powerful. Lost her way a little but she is back. Her abilities are now powerful that she can lane against any hero nowadays. She has a good range to stay back and farm quite effectively. Her abilities allow her to be quite sustainable in team fights and in laning stages. It is not easy to gank her and kill her quickly as she will use her 3rd skill Spirit Siphon. Her 2nd skill can easily silence the hero in a ganking attempt.Her first skill makes her farm easily. Her ultimate is the best a midlaner can have in pushing waves and sieging enemy towers. She can quickly destroy towers and move to another one. Her ultimate is deadly to enemies in team fights.

Favourite Items :

Euls Scepter of Divinity, Octraine Core, Shivas Guard

Counter Death Prophet:

Omni Knight is the best counter for Dp as her Damage is purely physical. Omni can easily use his ability when Dp uses hers thus making Dp completely useless. Sf is a great counter early game for Dp. Legion commander with a blademail is deadly to Dp. Items like blademail is the best counter to dp, but time it correctly as she can use euls when you activate Bm. Just kill her before she uses her ultimate. Silence her or stun her before she activates her ultimate. Be sure to fight the enemy team when you know Dp's ultimate is on cooldown. She has huge cooldown time for her ultimate.

2. Tinker


Well, it's really frustrating to lane against this guy in mid lane. He can nuke you and make you miss attacks on the creeps. His first skill does huge damage early game. Physical damage heroes suffer greatly against Tinker. His heat-seeking missiles are deadly. His 3rd skill can be used to push the creep waves. His ultimate resets the cooldown of all his abilities and items. He is very good in the early game and really painful in late game if he has some items. Boots of travel item can change the course of the game pretty quickly. He will just keep spamming his nukes until the enemy is dead. A great hero to pick and easily win a game.

Favourite Items :

Boots Of travel, Blink Dagger, Dagon

Counter Tinker:

Heroes like Clockwerk and spirit breaker can easily catch a split pushing tinker. Clockwerk is an ultimate counter for tinker as he can Hookshot and tinker cant do anything against clockwerk. Strom spirit is also a great counter to tinker as he can use his ball lighting to quickly close the distance and use orchid on tinker to make him completely useless.Heroes like Pudge and silencer are effective counters to tinker. BKb is the best item against Tinker. Silence him, reach him and kill him quickly before he can rearm and spam his skills. Items like Lotus orb are deadly to tinker as it would negate the damage back to tinker.

 1. Shadow Fiend


Sf is hell to lane against. His Razes is the real pain right now. I mean serious Pain. 300 Base damage for a single raze can reduce your health drastically. If he lands all three razes the enemy midlaner is surely dead. His 2nd skill Necromastery allows him to gains bonus damage when he last hits or denies the creeps. The more souls he gathers the more is it to get last hits against him. He will constantly deny the creep, making life harder for the enemy midlaner. His ultimate Requiem of souls does huge AOE damage. He is well suited for team fights. He can quickly farm XP and gold with his first skill. He is a deadly nuker in the game.

Favourite Items :

Shadow Blade, Euls Scepter of Divinity, Blink Dagger, Aghanims Scepter

Counter Shadow Fiend :

If you see an enemy Sf with a shadow blade, Be sure to place a lot of sentries. Don't let him get kills with his ultimate as it can be very deadly. Sf is pretty squishy early game, he can be easily killed. So gank him early and kill him regularly to spoil his farm. He has to farm to get souls after getting killed. So gank and kill him often so he cant collect souls which offers him damage. Heroes like sniper and Zeus can easily kill Sf from far. Sf cant get close enough to these heroes for the razes or his ultimate. Pugna is also good support against SF and the Netherward does a lot of damage if Sf tries to raze or his ultimate.

SO these are the top 10 midlaners from Our experience with the game.


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