Top 10 Op Carries in dota2

Top 10 Op Carries in Dota 2 Right Now

The role of a carry is the important one in dota2. They are the ones who farm all the creeps, boss around and eventually win the game for the team. These carry's need items and farm to be effective. All roles revolve around these guys. This list has been predicted by only our 8200 Hrs experience with the game. Opinions Might differ and we are ready to hear your opinion as well. These guys are the ones to pick and master if you need to keep winning in Dota2.

Last Update on 13th September 2019

Upcoming Heroes:

Naga Siren, Clinkz

10. Phantom Lancer:

Phantom Lancer

Illusions are the real power of Phantom Lancer. His abilities give Pl to produce illusions of himself to confuse his enemies which is the real one. It's really hard to figure it out. He can easily kill you with his illusions while you are still trying to figure out which is the real hero. He is also an effective farmer as he can easily farm items. A pretty good player can easily move up the medals spamming this hero. He can confuse you, he can easily escape and ultimately kill you after you have used your abilities.

Favourite Items : 

Diffusal Blade, Manta Style, Butterfly

Counter Phantom Lancer :

Illusion killing heroes Like Sven and Earthshaker are the best counters. Sven and Earthshaker are the real enemies of Pl as they can easily destroy illusions and also by stunning him so Pl cant escape. Axe's Counter Felix and Sand king's ultimate might to the job by killing the illusions quickly. Destroying his illusions is the key to defeating Pl. Items which can be used against Phantom lancer are Mjollnir which can destroy his Illusions easily.

9. Drow:

After A long time, Drow has made a comeback to be a Top carry. Her First skill enables her to slow enemy movement speed. Her Second Skill allows her to release a Wave which Knockbacks and Also Silences enemy Units in a Coned AOE. Precision Aura her Third Skill allows Drow to increase attack speeds of her allies and also ally creeps. Her Ultimate which has been tweaked recently has allowed her to become an Effective Carry. It Deals Proc Physical Damage to the enemy ignoring Armor. It Kills Creeps instantly enabling her to fast farm jungle.

Favourite Items : 

Shadow Blade, BKB, Hurricane Pike

Counter Drow:

Illusion Heroes like PL and Ck Are best to counter Drow as she will have a hard time hitting the Hero. Heroes like Slark and PA with a BKB can easily kill drow as her silence will have no effect on BKB. Any Endurance Hero with a blade mail can be effective against Drow Ranger. Omni Knight's Ultimate is the Best counter to Drow in team fights. As it can negate all Physical Damage caused by Drow in Team Fights.

8. Slark:

Slark is back where he truly belongs. Slark's first skill to damage nearby enemies and also to purge negative buffs which have been applied by enemy heroes. His Second Skill Pounce is great to close the distance or to Escape an Enemy Gank. Enemies caught by Pounce cant move away from slark. His 3rd Skill Essence Shift is to used to steal attributes from the enemy and convert them into Slark Agility. His ultimate makes him Immune to Detention and Slark gains bonus movement speed and Regen.

Favourite Items : 

Shadow Blade, Echo Saber, Skull Basher.

Counter Slark:

Best Hero Counter for slark is Blood Seeker and Axe. Slark cant move when BS has used his Ultimate on him. Axe Berserk call with a Blade mail can be deadly to slark. Illusion heroes like Phantom Lancer and Chaos Knight can easily counter slark. Items like Force Staff and Ghost Scepter can be effective against Slark if you are supporting.  Intelligence Heroes like Disruptor can lock Slark in one position with his Ultimate.

7. Spectre 

Spectre has been picked regularly by the pro teams in various events.  Spectre is Op enough to be placed on this list.Her first skill enables her to slow the enemy movement speed and do moderate damage. Her second and third skills are Passive skills. Spectres Ultimate summons illusions which attack all enemy heroes in the map. It is very useful in team fights.  Farming radiance within 20 mins mark may give a win against the enemy. Early game spectre is pretty squishy but middle and late game she is very powerful. Once radiance is completed it's easy to farm other items and she does a huge amount of damage effortlessly. She can quickly get to your supports and destroy them easily. She is the perfect anti- initiate hero in dota2. You just can't run away from her.

Favourite Items : 

Radiance, Diffusal Blade, Blademail

Counter Spectre:

Hunt her before she completes radiance. Apart from that, escape heroes are best suited for spectre. Heroes like Anti- Mage, and Lycan can kill her supports easily and spectre pretty much can't do anything about that. Storm Spirit can easily harass spectre as spectre doesn't build Bkb often. Escape Heroes like Anti-mage and Lycan can just Ignore spectre and push the lanes. Supports like Lion and Shadow Shaman can disable spectre for a long time for their carry to finish off Spectre.

6. Terror Blade

The name fits this guy perfectly.  Wow, this guy is so OP. Terror Blade's metamorphosis makes him an Op carry with his illusions and his dreadful ultimate. On top of all the skills, his 25 level skill talent just makes him truly a terror to play against. -35-sec Reduction of Sunder makes him ultimately God. You just can't kill him easily. This is a hero to pick and master if you want to move through the medals system. If you want to kill him keep him disabled or silenced until you deliver the death blow.

Favourite Items :

Eye Of Skadi, Butterfly, Black King Bar

Counter Terror Blade :

Mostly Heroes who play the role of nukers can kill Terror Blade. Heroes Like Lina or Zeus can nuke terror Blade before he uses his ultimate Sunder. You can try to disable him by using support heroes like Shadow Shaman and Lion. But if he has BKB you better Run.

5. Troll Warlord

Troll warlord

Troll has become powerful nowadays. He can be seen in pro and Pub matches. His abilities turn him into a true fighter. He is the only hero in dota2 capable of switching between melee and ranged. His skills allow him to fight any hero type whether its ranged or melee. The whirling axes skill makes him the ultimate fighter in melee as the enemy will miss attacks. His fevor skill enables him to increase his attack on the same target which each blow. His ultimate Battle Trance will enable Troll to Attack enemies within range. He is also a great pusher of towers. So troll is definitely a great hero to pick.

Favourite Items:

Sange and Yasha, Black King Bar, Shadow Blade

Counter Troll:

Swirling axes low down is very effective against melee heroes. But troll cant do anything against ranged heroes. Heroes like Sniper and Od are very effective against Troll. Supports Crystal maiden and Bane are very useful as they can disable Troll and hold him in one place which gives their allies to kill him. Magic nuke heroes can also be good against troll until he has his BKB. Try to nuke him down after his Bkb's timing until then Stay away from him. Heroes like Axe are very effective against troll.

4. Morphling:

The Shotgun of Dota2. Morph has been in and out of meta for so long now. With the recent skill upgrades, Morph is really a great Carry to play nowadays. His ability to quickly escape a lost fight or to kill enemy supports in the backlines makes him the best carry to play. His ultimate has been changed where he can take the form of the enemy hero and use their basic abilities has been a nightmare for so many players. Killing a Farmed morph is not an easy task to accomplish.

Favourite Items:

Linkens Sphere, Ethereal blade, Eye of Skadi

Counter Morph:

Ancient Apparition is a great counter to Morph as his ultimate Ice blast stops attribute shift. Depleting Morph's mana pool is the great counter to this hero. So Heroes like Lion and Anti Mage are effective against Morph. Any heroes with the ability to silence can also be effective counters to Morph. Items like Orchid and Scythe of Vyse are great to have when you have an enemy Morph. Try getting a bkb if you don't want to be nuked out of the game.

3. Juggernaut

The name says it all. " I am the Juggernaut B^%$^".  This hero as you all knows deals a huge amount of damage with his awesome abilities. It's a visual treat to see Jugg spinning or even when using his ultimate on enemy heroes. Jugg can farm well and quite quickly. Battle fury timings for jugg are just 13 mins. Within 20 mins jugg can easily have a battle fury and Sange and Yasha if you know to use this hero. He can also heal his allies pretty quicky with his healing ward. His ultimate Omni slash makes him invulnerable to any attacks, and the skill tree talent has made him even more OP. Level 20 +1o armour is good and level 25 +5 Omni slashes make him so deadly. Don't even think about going 1 vs 1 with Jugg.

Favourite Items : 

Battle Fury, Sange and Yasha, Butterfly, Manta Style

Counter juggernaut :

Durable Heroes like Axe can survive Omni slash, and jugg attack speed will trigger more axe's Counter Felix, to do damage to Jugg. The other hero is Omni Knight which makes jugg's ultimately useless. Omni's ultimate makes his allies invulnerable to jugg's ultimate and if he tries to spin around and do damage, Omni can use his repel spell to make it useless. The Perfect Counter For Jugg Is Omni Knight. And if you can silence jugg its also pretty effective as you may not find more chances of disabling him.

2. Sven:

Best Heroes in Dota 2 for Beginners


Like Tobi won (Dota2 Caster)  said Savage, Brutal, Rekt. Sven is all about brute force. This guy can seriously do tons of damage to multiple heroes. The rogue Knight is a fitting name for this hero. Don't even try to get close to him as he can destroy you with 5 to 6 attacks with his ultimate. Sven is a god when dealing damages to enemy heroes. He can buff his allies with his Warcry giving them additional armour. His first skill can stun multiple enemies and he just Cleaves them to death with his ultimate. His skill tree is not that OP, but his 25 skill talent is very powerful with his farmed items.

Favourite Items :

Mask of Madness, Daedulus, Black King bar, Sange and Yasha

Counter Sven :

His BKB duration is his time to thrash his opponents. Once Bkb Duration is done you can almost keep him disabled or kite him. Sven suffers a lot when the enemy kites him badly. Stay far and disable or Nuke him to death is the best way to counter Sven. Literally, any hero can do this. You can also destroy him with one item " Blade Mail". Heroes like axe can easily kill sven even if he has his ultimate and BKB on. But the Important thing you have to initiate on him before he does it to you.

1. Phantom Assassin

PA has risen to top again. As we say in Dota2 "The Crits are Real". Her comeback to the top is also real. She has been constantly picked in Pub and Pro Matches. Pa's First skill Stifling Dagger enables her to farm safely and also slow the movement speed of the enemy. It also applies attack effects from the items. Her Second Skill will Teleport Pa to an Ally or an Enemy. If it is an Enemy Pa gets Bonus Attack Speed. Blur Allows PA to Evade Physical Attacks and Invisible to enemies if they are far. Her Ulitmate adds Critical Damage to her normal Attacks which can be so Deadly.

Favourite Items : 

Desolator, Battle Fury, BKB

Counter PA :

PA is a Squishy hero early game. A couple of Nukes from an Enemy Intelligence Hero can easily kill her. Don't let her farm early game. Keep on Ganking her to spoil her farm. Heroes like Axe and Viper are a great counter to PA. An axe call with a Blade Mail can be deadly to PA. Endurance heroes with a Blame Mail are useful when countering PA. Apart from that Intelligence heroes can kill PA easily if she doesn't have a BKB. If she does then run for your lives. Items like MKB is also very useful against PA.

So these are the Top 10 Op Heroes Of Dota2 Right Now, So what do you think? Please let us know in comments.


Previous Standings of Heroes:

5. Razor: 

The Electric Razor has made our list this time. We can see a Lot of Pub and Pro Picks in recent times. His First Skill Plasma Field does Twice the damage to the enemies caught. His Second Skill has just become so OP. Static Link steals Damage from the Enemy and adds the damage to razor which is Impossible to handle. His 3rd skill Unstable Current increases his Movement speed and Occasionally hits enemy units. His Ultimate does damage with Stike Intervals which targets low health Heroes in Team fights. Razor has become a counter to High Damage heroes with his Second skill.

Favourite Items : 

Hurricane Pike, BKB, Sange and Yasha

Counter Razor:

Most Agility or Escape heroes can easily Break the link of the Second skill. Heroes like Sniper and Viper are better counters to Razor. Illusion heroes are also a great way to counter razor as he would find it difficult to pick the hero. Items like Lotus Orb and Linken's Sphere are great items against Razor. Anti-mage can easily close the gap and counter Razor's 2nd skill with his Counter Spell skill.

7. Luna 

The Moonrider has arrived. The lady with the power to bring down Eclipse. Luna is the game's quickest farmer. She can easily farm powerful items and easily destroy your towers within a short duration. She is a very powerful pusher of lanes. Her abilities are really Op. They do magic damage but they do a lot. Her 1 st skill will mini stun you dealing moderate damage and with her ultimate, she will destroy you along with her normal attacks. Huge damage dealer and Powerful lane pusher. She is so popular now in the pro and pub scenes.

Favourite Items : 

Manta Style, Mask of Madness, Black King Bar, Butterfly

Counter Luna : 

Magic Resistance Heroes like Juggernaut or Huskar can easily kill Luna. Heroes with illusions like Meepo or Phantom Lancer can observe the damage of luna's abilities enabling them to kill her easily. Heroes like sniper can stay back and keep hitting luna before she comes close to engage him. Heroes like Slark can easily kite luna or escape her ultimate.

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